Welcome to Frinky Labs!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Welcome' is a bad term to use. After all, this is a blog format, which means that you will see the newest posts first. Since this is my first post, odds are that it will be the last thing you read on here.

Either way, I'm glad you're here. I'm setting up this site to have a central location to show off my many projects that I work on, but beyond that, to give you tools and tutorials so that you can build the same things I do! That is right, follow my lead, and you can trick people into thinking that you are a rockstar engineer like me! The fools!

All my inventions, videos, and other content that I post here is free for the good people of the world to use. You can edit my micro-controller code, change schematics, whatever your little heart desires. All I ask is for credit for the original designs and inventions that I post.

Hope you enjoy, and use the tools and information I give you guys... Lets get started!


Unknown said...

Make a Pyro-flamethrower tutorial and I swear I shall follow it!! XD

Unknown said...

I'll take it under consideration. :-p

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